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Selling bees wax ecer, Bees wax is one of the chemicals for lip balm, soap / soap, cream thickener and so on.

sell carnauba wax ecer, Carnauba wax / Carnauba wax as an ingredient in cosmetics such as lipstick, lip blam, base cream

selling candelilla wax ecerically, Candelilla wax is one of the candles that has twice the rigid strength of Beeswax. The application in using is quite a bit so that it is easy to soften when applied to lip balm. Candelilla wax can be used for Lip glosses for the Lip Brush Pens.

Selling paraffin wax is a lot of benefits from paraffin for beauty, among others.
As a Facial Facial There are many benefits to using paraffin. Paraffin is very good in hydrating dry skin and the awakening of aging skin and skin that has been damaged by sunlight. If you want to eliminate fine lines on the face, use paraffin facial relaxation as an antidote. In warm temperatures, facial facials with paraffin wax help blood vessels, expand circulation, bring nutrients to the healing surface and release toxins from the skin.

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