CV. Cipta Anugerah Bakti Mandiri

UV Filter

Selling Avobenzone was introduced in the 1990s and is a chemical sunscreen. Unlike other chemical sunscreens that protect from sunburn UVB rays, avobenzone also protects against UVA rays, rays that cause premature aging and skin cancer.
Selling Titanium dioxide ecer, titanium dioxide (TiO2) Who likes hunting2 or changing sunscreen / sunblock, you know TiO2? ^^
TiO2 is an oxidation of titanium. Physically, this TiO2 is in the form of a white powder. Because TiO2 has white pigments, TiO2 is commonly used in industry as a natural color.
Selling ZINC OXIDE ecer, Zinc Oxide is a drug commonly used to treat and prevent rashes on the skin due to diapers and other minor skin irritations (for example, burns, cuts, scratches). Works by forming a shield on the skin to protect it from irritation / moisture. retailed in jumblah a little and a lot.
Selling Benzophenone ecer, Benzophenon serves to protect the skin from UV A and UV B sunburn as a sunscreen.
Selling omcx or octyl methoxycinnamate ecer, omcx is commonly used in hair shampoo, sunscreen and skin creams.
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