Antioxidant and Moisturizing Cocoa Butter 100gr

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Source Antioxidant Cocoa butter is filled with antioxidants that are useful to ward off free radicals, protect skin from the environment, and reduce the signs of aging. Because free radicals can cause dry skin, cocoa butter can moisturize the skin very effectively to the deepest layer of skin. You can use cocoa butter in the form of oil, cream, or lotion and of course if the cocoa butter is also good raw to eat without fear of weight gain.
cooling sensitive skin If your skin is too sensitive to facial or sunlight products, even if you have skin problems like eczema, cocoa butter can overcome sensitive skin by cooling it down. Use cocoa butter as a daily moisturizer then the skin will become supple and soft without the need for excessive reaction to the environment.
Moisturize lips
Because cocoa butter has moisturizing benefits, the dry lips can be overcome with this cocoa butter. Every time your lips feel dry and cracked, just apply cocoa butter on the lips. Then the lips will become soft again with a bonus of chocolate flavor when you lick it a little.
Renew Skin
Tired facial skin due to the bad influence of the environment, stress, or lack of sleep can be restored to health with various nutrients present in cocoa butter. Omega 6 and 9, vitamin E and K, zinc, iron, dopamine, trytophan, and antioxidant thoroughly renew the skin to be young and healthy. In addition, cocoa butter can also be used as an eye cream to expel black eye bags like panda eyes.
Caring for Hair

Cocoa butter in the form of good oil is used to treat hair. Hair will become manageable, strong, and moist. The owner of thin hair can also add cocoa butter as a hair treatment because it can increase the volume and thickness of hair
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