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Sell ​​olive oil / olive oil ecer, Olive Oil or commonly called olive oil is an oil contained in olives. This oil is a category of healthy oil which contains a lot of unsaturated fats. Many benefits of olive oil, ranging from cosmetics, hair care, to a cure for various diseases. The benefits of olive oil have indeed been quite famous since time immemorial. Usually people used it for beauty materials. Even since 400 BC, olives have been widely used for traditional medicine. Vitamins contained in olive oil are Vitamin E. As is known, vitamin E has a function to prevent the risk of cancer, reduce heart disease, and can strengthen the immune system. Besides vitamin E, another ingredient contained in olive oil is essential fatty acids. This fat consists of omega 3 and omega 6. This is not bad fat but fat that is good for human health which functions for heart health, obesity and even diabetes.
There are so many benefits of olive oil that you may all know, order right away and prove it yourself.

selling jojoba golden oil ecer lots of benefits of jojoba oil for beauty and some of the benefits of jojoba oil:
1. Moisturize the Skin
2. Prevent Acne
3. Overcoming Blackheads
4. Anti-Aging
5. Prevent Stretch Marks
6. Protect from Hair & Dry Scalp

sell avocado oil or avocado oil economically
What are the benefits of avocado oil ??
1. As a raw material for making beauty products
2. Can smooth and also brighten the skin
2. Prevent dry and rough skin
3. Shrink the pores of the skin
4. Lifting dead skin cells
5. Maintain elasticity and elasticity from culture
6. Can maintain hair moisture
7. Prevent damage to hair
It turns out that the benefits of avocado oil for hair are also important to prevent damage to the hair. Damage to this hair can be many things, such as broken hair, hair loss. Branched hair, hair fertility problems, and also many other hair damage that can be prevented by applying avocado oil to your hair and scalp.

Sell lanolin, lanolin used to treat and prevent dry, rough, scaly skin

Sell Isopropyl Palmitate ecer, Isopropyl palmitate is palm oil based emollient, which comes from coconut oil. It is mainly used as a thickening agent in skin care products such as moisturizers, sunscreens, and conditioners. It also functions as a lubricant on the surface of the skin, giving it a smoother appearance and transforming the texture into a very soft texture. But while isopropyl palmitate is considered safe.

Dimethicone ecer, Dimethicone is a drug that is commonly used as a moisturizer to treat dry, rough, scaly, itchy and mild skin irritations (eg, diaper rash, burning skin due to radiation treatment). Emolient is a substance that softens and moisturizes the skin and relieves itching and exfoliation. Some products (for example, zinc oxide, white petrolatum) are mostly used to protect the skin from irritation (for example, from wetness). Dry skin is caused by lack of fluid in the upper skin layer.

Selling white oil ecer, what is white oil? White oil, often referred to as white oil, or baby oil, and first imported into the US around 1905 and first produced in the United States in 1914 at the beginning of World War I. White oil is produced from a mixture of hydrocarbons that are highly paranic and naphthenic comes from crude oil and is very pure and versatile.

Sell ipm ecper Isopropyl palmitate or ipm Is synthetic oil that is used as a strengthening agent, emulsion, or lubricant in beauty products. Consisting of Isopropyl Alcohol (propane derivatives) and Myristic Acid (natural fatty acids), Isopropyl Myristate is a popular cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredient. It is most commonly used additives in aftershaves, shampoo, bath oil, antiperspirants, deodorants, oral hygiene products, and various creams and lotions.

Selling coconut oil, coconut oil / coconut oil has various types of benefits including:
Moisturize, Hair Mask, Moisturize lips - Overcome fine lines, swelling, and black spots in the eye area - Beautify curls - Can be used as makeup cleanser - Can be used as scrubs scrub - Can be used as shaving cream -

Source of Antioxidant Cocoa butter is filled with antioxidants that help counteract free radicals, protect the skin from the environment, and reduce signs of aging. Because free radicals can cause skin to dry out, cocoa butter can moisturize the skin very effectively to the deepest layers of the skin. You can use cocoa butter in the form of oil, cream, or lotion and of course if raw cocoa butter is good to eat without the need to fear weight gain.
cool sensitive skin If your skin is too sensitive to facial products or sunlight, even if you suffer from skin problems such as eczema, cocoa butter can overcome sensitive skin by cooling it. Use cocoa butter as a daily moisturizer so the skin will become supple and soft without the need for excessive reactions to the environment.

Sell shea butter in retail, Shea butter is known for its excellent benefits for skin beauty. Products derived from this natural fat, extracted directly from the fruit of the shea tree. Here are the benefits of shea butter for the skin.
Moisturizes the skin
Natural sunscreen
Even skin tone
Cure skin problems

Sell Oleum ricini or oil ecor castor, Oleum ricini (Castor oil) is vegetable oil obtained from the extraction of Ricinus communis seeds and Jatropha curcas seeds. In the pharmaceutical field it is also known as castor oil.

\Jatropha also contains poisons. Distance is the only plant whose seeds are rich in ricinoleic acid. The presence of this acid makes castor oil has a stable thickness at high temperatures, so castor oil can be used as a mixture of lubricating oil.
Castor oil is the lightest and most effective laxative used by children, pregnant women, or hemorrhoids.

Sell cocoa butter or cocoa butter / ecer as a source of antioxidants
Cocoa butter is filled with useful antioxidants that counteract free radicals, protect the skin from the environment, & reduce signs of aging. Because free radicals can cause the skin to become dry, so cocoa butter will moisturize the skin very effectively to the deepest layer of the skin. You can use cocoa butter in the form of oil, cream or lotion. (WA 081937652420)

Selling vco virgin coconut oil in retail many benefits contained in vco for beauty serves to moisturize the face of high vitamin E content, VCO is very useful for moisturizing the skin, High Antioxidants Against Wrinkles, overcoming zits, eliminating panda eyes, can for hair conditioners, thickening bulumata and eyebrow, natural lip moisturizer Chapped and dry lips not only feel uncomfortable but also can make sufferers feel inferior because it interferes with the appearance no need to worry VCO can handle it because of its very moisturizing nature.


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