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sell A Microtitan 100, triethoxycaprylylsilaneSelling glycerin ecer, Benefits of glycerin in the world of beauty is indeed quite extraordinary, some of which are as follows: Glycerin can make our faces brighter. Protects the skin from sunburn which can make the skin dark and wrinkled. Cleanses dirt and removes dead skin cells. Moisturizes the skin so that it always looks fresh, supple, and youthful. As anti aging / anti aging because Glycerin can repair damaged skin cells so that the facial skin returns smooth, and wrinkles become reduced.Glycerin can disguise spots and black spots on facial skin so that the skin color is evenly distributed. Smoothes and softens rough skin. In addition to its benefits for skin beauty, Glycerin is also used for hair care products, besides that the glycerin content is also present in enough soap because it is not easy to dry so it can make it easier when cleaning hair.(WA 081937652420)Olive oil economically Olive oil has many benefits, namely:Giving Natural Moisture Skin Indonesian people in general often experience dry skin problems, so natural skin food is needed to provide extra moisture content of the benefits of vitamin E in olive oil is very good for providing natural oil content.Prevent Premature AgingThe content of linoleiSell c acid in olive oil which will help, maintain water content on the skin of the face, skin so as not to appear wrinkles at an early age(WA 081937652420)

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