CV. Cipta Anugerah Bakti Mandiri


selling Licorice extract, the benefits of licorice become one of the herbs in Ayurvedic medicine for making serum, sweet root serum can work for all skin types, be it oily skin, irritated skin, flaking skin or uneven skin. Therefore, sweet root is often used in beauty products such as serum, a treatment for removing black spots or pigmentation on the skin, facial cleansers, and moisturizers.
The benefit of adding sweet root extract to beauty products is to help eliminate or disguise pigmentation problems (hyperpigmentation) and overcome skin damage caused by sun exposure.
Sweet root works by blocking the formation of melanin so as to prevent the occurrence of hyperpigmentation in the skin. The use of sweet root in beauty products can make the skin brighter, well hydrated, and look radiant. Sweet root extract is very useful for overcoming red skin (sunburn), acne, dry skin, and brightens dull skin. Sweet root also contains certain compounds that work as sunscreens. Sweet root acts like a shield and protects the skin from exposure to UVA / UVB rays to keep skin bright and fresh.
Licorice or mani root is also beneficial for hair, licorice is rich in choline, fat, protein, flavonoids, phytoestrogens, vitamin B complex, phosphorus, potassium, essential oils, and amines. Because the elements and compounds contained in it, make sweet root an excellent herb to improve the health of the scalp and hair.

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