CV. Cipta Anugerah Bakti Mandiri

Bahan Whitening

sell whitening sap or sodium ascorbyl phosphate ingredients in retail.
selling Japanese and Chinese ascorbyl 2 glucoside in retail
sell ascorbyl palmitate ecer.
Sell ​​Kojic acid ecer, Kojic Acid is used as a whitening ingredient that is safe for the skin and has been permitted by the pom body as a lightening product.
Kojic Acid CV. Cipta Award guaranteed 100% authenticity.
Minimum order of 100 grams - 1 kilogram.
sell whitening sap or sodium ascorbyl phosphate ingredients in retail.
Selling alpha arbutin ecer, Alpha arbutin is the latest generation in the world of cosmetics, is a biosynthetic compound that is pure and easily soluble in water, has a significant role in the cosmetics world as an ingredient that functions for hygiene and safer compared to hydroquinone and mercury compounds.
Until now there have not been found any side effects that arise in the use of cosmetic products that use active ingredients or Alpha Arbutin ingredients. Then how do you actually work or mechanism than alpha arbutin? Alpha arbutin works through a mechanism that inhibits the biosynthesis of melanin in the epidermal layer through inhibition of enzymatic oxidation of tyrosine and dopa. This Industrial Chemistry is proven that alpha arbutin is more effective, faster and safer to use as skin lightening.
Selling arbutin in retail ..

Selling Chromabright on a retail basis is the strongest active ingredient of whitening of Hydroquinone, MAP, Kojic, and others which are very stable in use in cosmetic preparations, the benefits of whitening and passing also removing spots on the face.

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