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Bahan Masker

Selling Bentonite Ecer, Bentonite has various medicinal and therapeutic properties and can be used in homeopathic and cosmetic mixtures.
Here are some of the benefits of bentonite treatment and therapy:
.Bentonit helps soften and cleanse the skin by absorbing dirt and oil and lifting clogged pores. Bentonite is also used in pedicure treatments because it softens rough skin on the feet, and makes it look clean and hygienic. Bentonite is commonly used to treat skin disorders such as itchy skin, zits, and eczema.
Selling retail Kaolin, Kaolin is a kind of fine white clay that is excavated from the ground, and carefully cleaned and purified before becoming a drug, to treat diarrhea and also certain skin inflammation, kaolin is an artificial period which is then composed of clay material which has a low iron content, in addition to treating kaolin diarrhea is also useful for severe vomiting drugs, drugs for indigestion, for lotion powder for wounds.
Sell ​​Green Clay ecer green clay is one type of clay that has a million benefits for skin care. Green Clay is usually made masks that are useful to brighten the skin, flatten skin tone, treat zits, clean skin pores, and improve skin elasticity.

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