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selling Minoxidil retail Minoxidil serves to grow bald hair, and thickens hair like a coat, mustache.
Selling retail Allantoin, Alantoin is a unique product made from naturally occurring nitrogen compounds which are used as skin coolers. This powerful substance is also one of the ingredients that is often used as a moisturizer to treat or prevent dry, scaly, itchy and mild irritation (such as diaper rash, skin burns, and radiation therapy). Allantoin is usually white, odorless and crystalline powder. This substance is also used to accelerate the growth of new cells and healthy tissue. Allantoin is included in the emmolients substance, which is a substance that functions to soften and moisturize the skin, reduce itching, and help eliminate dead skin cells. Allantoin is widely used in various cosmetics such as shampoo, masks, shaving creams, sunscreens, hair gels, baby powder, and lotions.
Sell ​​Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Retail Hydroxethyl Cellulose (HEC) is an excellent thickening agent for cosmetic formulations and personal care.

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